Desserts are the stars of any Thanksgiving spread, but let’s be honest here: Unless you’re a a master baker or Marie Callender’s long-lost granddaughter, it’s also SUPER easy to screw up. Especially when it comes to pie, a dish that seems simple until you’re covered in flour with only a burnt husk of crust to show for it.

Cake Monkey Bakery, in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is home to many an excellent pie shop, but when Cake Monkey burst onto the scene, it threw down the sticky-fingered gauntlet. The cherry almond pie is the stuff of legends, while the cider-roasted apple pie gets an unexpected savory kick with the addition of cheddar crust, officially diffusing the weird looks you get if you’re one of those people who melts cheddar on apple pie. Oh, and it you really want to blow some minds, their Pop Pies — basically fancy Pop Tarts — can be delivered too.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds, in Brooklyn, NY

The Elsen sisters have made a huge splash in the Brooklyn baking scene on the strength of their incredible pies, honed in the cold of their motherland South Dakota and brought to stunning life out east. They’ll ship pies pretty much everywhere, meaning you can get a taste of their Bittersweet Chocolate Pecan, the comfort-food-plus Salted Caramel Apple, and the Black Bottom Oat anywhere… even South Dakota. These are pies made with love and a commitment to local ingredients… well, local to Brooklyn. It’d be weird if they were sourcing ingredients from the places they’re shipping.

Grand Traverse Pie Company, in Traverse City, MI

GTPC takes its name from a bay that’s world famous for its cherries, so it stands to reason that you should absolutely get one of its legendary, crumbly topped pies, a gallon of ice cream, and a pillow. And while that pie is wonderful and perfect on its own, there are a bazillion other options too. Luckily, there’s a pie of the month club, which you should 1,000% join, because pie is too damn delicious for once a year… especially the there are chocolate cream pies, peanut butter chocolate cream, and every fruit imaginable packed into the crust.

Joe’s Stone Crab, in Miami Beach, FL

Key lime pie is perhaps the greatest thing to come out of Florida, with respect to Sidney Poitier, Faye Dunaway, and, um… look, Key lime pie is super delicious, and perhaps the most famous and delicious variation comes not from the Keys, but from Miami. For 105 years, Joe’s has been the king of crabs, but also the king of Key lime, and now that they ship all over the US, they can help add a little sunshine to even the darkest of post-Thanksgiving conversations.

Muddy’s Bake Shop, in Memphis, TN

One of the very best bakeries in the entire country, Muddy’s slings the kind of amazing pies that cool on the windowsills of our hearts. Now, thanks to the folks at Goldbelly, you don’t need to make a pilgrimage to Graceland to get a taste, with pies like the ultra-rich Cocoa Chanel Chocolate Chess Pie, the Nancy’s Boy Coconut Chess Pie, and a show-stopping Punkin’ Pie on offer. And since it’d be a crime to skip the cookies, they also offer the pies as part of packed baker’s boxes. Or, as Elvis would call them, light snack boxes.