Hungry?  Here are the 5 best wings spots in Charlotte.

After sampling way too many chicken wings around town (hello, Tums), we at the Agenda have debated and curated the definitive 5 best wings spots in Charlotte. Eat up.

Lebowski’s Neighborhood Grill on 1524 E. Blvd.

This Dilworth neighborhood hangout may be the closest to “real Buffalo wings” you can find in Charlotte.

  • Neighborhood: Dilworth (1524 East Boulevard)
  • Must-try flavors: Gold Rush and Stingers
  • Sauce options: 6. Buffalo-Style (medium or hot), Gold Rush (tangy-sweet BBQ), Jerkiyaki (jerk & teriyaki), Stingers (sweet-heat), Blackened (cajun rub & charred), Garlic-Parm (dry rub – mild).
  • Background: With the mass New Yorker migration, there was definitely a market for a spot serving up authentic Buffalo wings and a safe haven for Bills fans. The many upstate New Yorkers I know say that Lebowski’s wings are the closest you’re going to get to “real Buffalo wings” like the ones you get (obviously) in Buffalo. I would expect nothing less; Lebowski’s owner is a transplant who grew up in Buffalo.

Moosehead Grill on 1807 Montford Drive

Moosehead is the epitome of a neighborhood watering hole — a casual, eclectic atmosphere, heavy drinks, and really excellent bar food.

  • Neighborhood: Montford (1807 Montford Drive).
  • Must-try flavors: Uncle Donnie’s Famous Blackened Wings and Bee Stings. Be prepared for some heat from the Bee Stings.
  • Sauce options: 11. Feeling crazy? Do Moosehead’s PB&J Wings – thai spices, peanut butter and apple jelly.
  • Awards: Previously named the best in Charlotte and the Carolinas, and the Rookie of the Year award at the 11th Annual National Buffalo Wing Festival.

DD Peckers on 10403 Park Road

Charlotte wing lovers know d.d. Peckers. It’s widely regarded as the #1 wing spot in our city. Inside, you’ll find a dark bar-type vibe — but don’t be mistaken, the employees and the wings are fantastic.

  • Neighborhood: Pineville (10403 Park Road)
  • Must-try flavors: Hot and Honey Hot
  • Sauce options: 30. All sauces are made in-house and if you’re nosy, you can look into the kitchen and watch the cooks toss the chicken wings in large silver sauce bowls.
  • Fun fact: d.d. Peckers served approximately 15,000 wings on Super Bowl Sunday
  • Background: Owner Justin Holland bought d.d. Peckers in 2004 and has been running it ever since. He told the Agenda that their true secret to success is that they’ve had the same core staff for 10+ years.

Seoul Food Meat Company on 1400 South Church Street

This trendy South End spot has emerged as one of the hottest hangouts in the city. It’s a Southern BBQ restaurant with a heavy Korean inspiration. Think hip urban vibe, Instagrammable cocktails and an amazing back patio.

  • Neighborhood: South End (1400 S. Church Street)
  • Sauce options: Spicy or Soy Garlic (you can order half and half of course)
  • Wing style: These are not normal wings; they are Korean style, double-fried. They have a delicate, crackly crust and are smothered with sauce.