Not all ab exercises are created equally! When it comes to effectiveness often the ones that look easy are actually doing the most work – especially core and lower ab exercises! This is because you really need to dig deep and focus on form, strength and stability rather than smashing out massive reps.


Hands to Knees Opposition


This fab exercise offers a total core challenge and definitely hits those lower abs. Though you might not look like you’re doing much, that could’t be more wrong!

Tighten your core (our daily Pilates mantra), and pull your knees up into a table top position.

Be sure to keep them glued together. Now, roll your head and shoulders up off of the mat, tightening your core even further. Yes, you can!

Floor to Table Top Hinges


For this one, you really want to make sure you are pressing your lower back into the mat before you even start. You’ll get the most out of the exercise and you’ll protect that precious back.

Roll up into a crunch position with your abs engaged as much as you can. Reach your arms out in front of yourself with images of length and extension.

Your feet should begin just a bit wider than your hips. It’s now time for the big move. Engage your core and thighs. Lift your legs as one unit to a table top position. Hold for 3 counts, and then lower very slowly. Engage your lower abs even further as you take your legs back to the floor.

Straight Leg Hip Lifts

Quite possibly the best lower ab exercise of all time!

Reach two legs up to the sky, and straighten them as much as you can. Keep your head resting on the floor with your arms to your sides and slightly pressing into your mat.

Engage your core, and try to lift your hips up off of your mat. The intention and the initiation of the movement will be working and you will notice progress as you continue to practice his toughie!


Double Leg Hinge

This one is all about what you can do today. The important thing is not so much how the exercise looks, but how it feels! 

Reach both legs, pressing together, up to the sky. Now, flatten out your lower back toward your mat. Tighten your core and give yourself three counts to lower your legs. It is much more important to be mindful about tightening your core than to go super low. If you focus on form, you’ll be down to the mat in no time safely.

Flutter Kicks with Giselle Arms