People talk about Thanksgiving like they’re planning a trip to the DMV. Somehow America’s greatest holiday became a thankless chore for the sake of far-flung relatives you only talk to via Facebook comment. Sure, a seven-hour delay at DFW with two screaming kids isn’t exactly paradise, but you know what? It sure as hell beats two months on a ship before the invention of deodorant. That was the Pilgrims’ commute. Chew on that with your jiggly-style cranberry sauce.

Or maybe, ya know, go somewhere else for Thanksgiving this year. If you can swing a longer trip, there are some spectacular places to visit this November — but even if you’re just looking for a Thanksgiving weekend getaway, there are first-rate destinations that can make this holiday downright pleasant. Get ready to be that person at the office on Monday who says, “Yeah, actually? Our trip wasn’t half bad.